Voyages from I to Thou.

Location: Skellig Michel, Ireland

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Merlin's Cave (2004)

At Tintagel in Cornwall, Merlin’s Cave
penetrates the neck of the peninsula
where the castle ruins remain, 250 feet
above the sea. At low tide one may enter
it and walk through to the beach on
the other side, but at the night tide the
sea enters and becomes impenetrable.
Merlin’s Cave is an example of a
paradoxical place, where it is dark during
daytime and where the sea is beneath
the earth.

-- Nigel Pennick,
Celtic Sacred Landscapes

You’ll find me far beneath the ruins
Of Arthur’s double court: A cave
Which by day leads dark and cold to a
Blue-foamed, crashing shore, and by night
Is drowned in ocean, a door to
Under kingdoms of driftglass and
Coral queens. Step down from high
Ambition to learn what crowns and
Treasures are tides of: Here dream
Dark’s plunder of the regent sun,
The sea’s upwelling of high ground.
Here I said farewell to men to
Bed my fair feathered Niniane.
Under every throne there’s a mouth,
Blues singer of the royal South.


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