Voyages from I to Thou.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Glosses on a Line (Hooked & Sinking)

Glosses on a line from the Life of Columba (Amram Columba) vary as follows:

He protected a hundred churches, a hundred crowds at completeness of offering.

Guardian of waves is he, over seas of a hundred churches; and this is a definite (number put) for an indefinite, i.e. Hi and Derry.

He protected a hundred churches under the fullness of the draught (of the chalice) of offering.

He was a guardian of a hundred churches, a draught upon completion of the offering.

A hundred churches to which the wave goes.

Abbot of a hundred churches to which a billow comes.

A hundred chruches which a wave frequents.

This is the number of churches which he has on the shore of the sea.

A hundred chruches with the fullness of the wave of the mass-chalice in every church.

Abbot of churches which a great wave reaches.


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